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“BlogWorld is seriously one of the best conferences I’ve been to in a long time. THANK YOU.”
— Ben Huh, Cheezburger Network

“This will be the one show where our industry will get together every year.”
— Leo Laporte, This Week in Tech

“BlogWorld is the show I look forward to all year!“
— Lisa Barone, Outspoken Media

“This year I got so many emails asking me if I was going that I decided I had to come. I do audience development for a web T.V. company and it turns out that community management gets thrown in to what I do so I’m trying to stay up-to-date on what’s new. This seminar was awesome—they nailed it because they gave actionable items that I can use right away. Most panels are people just discussing things and talking about viewpoints, but this was very to the point…People should attend Blogworld and New Media Expo to get actionable, tangible suggestions and ideas that they can take home and apply to their business as well as for the invaluable networking opportunities. The reason I was able to sell my employer on the event is because so many of our partners sent emails asking us if we were attending and telling us that they would be there.”
— Chris Lesinski, Revision3

“There is such a diversity of people and interesting tracks here. I didn’t even know there was a social health track this year, and now I’m going to all those sessions because it’s really cool information about that topic. So I think that kind of niche marketing is a good approach; where it isn’t generalized by just blogging or social media, but talks about how you can use it with video, health, non-profit or other sectors like that…This is a great show and I keep coming back every year—which I don’t do with most conferences. The show markets itself as the largest gathering of new media specialists and bloggers and I really think that is true…Blogworld is still the place where you’ll run into the big players in the industry; it’s a great diverse group of people that are active online and not in just one little niche. Here, you get a good taste of the breadth and scope of social media and blogging by coming to this one event.”
— JD Lasica,

“My experience at Blogworld has been great—I love it! I’ve learned more in the past few days than I think I’ve ever learned before. I’m a blogger and I didn’t know what I would get out of the show, but I’ve gotten more than I could ever imagine. Building Community and Monetizing a Blog were really good sessions. The Keynote with Scott was fantastic. I didn’t really know what to expect from the expo, but as I walk around I am seeing so many companies angled at bloggers and I’m happy to see them…I’ve been to a lot of conferences, being in IT, and this is by far the best…Here, people are actually up there talking, where at other conferences they are just reading from a power point. I love the dynamic here. I will be back next year for sure!”
— Shane Ketterman, Rewire Media Group

“The show has been really informative and I have learned a lot. I was just at a booth and I had never heard about this particular service before, so the vendors are very interesting to talk to. I have a blog and I do a podcasting, so my goal for attending is to learn how to drive traffic to my sites and to do what I do more efficiently. I’ve learned a lot just in the hour and a half that I have been here on exactly that.”
— Rod Adams, Raw Business Solutions

“This is my first time attending Blogworld. I attend a variety of tech shows. Blogworld is great though—I asked people about last year and they say it’s gotten bigger and better. This show attracts a lot of people who are well known and high profile in the industry, which is great. I didn’t attend because of them, but being able to see them and connect with them is very valuable. I talk to them all the time online so it’s good to see them face-to-face…I just come to make sure that we are on top of everything new.”
— Brandon Provinski, FAQ

“We are coming from the healthcare sector, so we getting some ideas that we can take back to our company. We are engaging our Kaiser members through twitter right now. Part of our professional development is to attend conferences. We did some research to find events in social media and chose this one because we are looking towards the future of social media.”
— Elsa Gutierrez, Kaiser Permanente

“I have been to every BlogWorld since they first started and they keep getting better. The level of expertise in the speakers and panels are at the highest level. Every time I attend the conference, I leave filled with new ideas, tactics and strategies that I take home and implement. The sponsors and exhibitors are phenomenal and extremely relevant to those who blog or engage on the social web.”
— Michael Brito, Edelman

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